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I have received some lovely messages from purchasers of my book which I would like to share with you - with their permission of course :-)


Inspirational! C


Definitely the best of its kind on the market.  S


I must say yours is the first book I have bought that has so much detailed information, I can't wait to read more and get drawing.  J


I have just bought your book and I LOVE IT.  You have been sooo generous with your knowledge.  It is by far the best Botanical book I have ever seen.  B

Just wanted to thank you for the most enjoyable few weekday mornings I can remember having in a long time..... Sitting on the deck with my breakfast and your gorgeous book for company has been absolute bliss!  It's a triumph!  M

I really appreciate the excellent instructions for graphite drawing, which is something I have not come across before.  The details on which grade of pencil to use when was particularly helpful and your description of how coloured pencils are made fascinating.  E


What I am enjoying is the mass of information you've feels like you are talking to me.  S


It does exactly what you said it would do - with all the information and techniques.  It's a wonderful confidence builder.  Definitely won't be collecting dust on the bookshelf!  J


Very well produced.  M


I'm loving your book.  C


I loved the bit about not being able to loosen up in art work - have felt almost guilty for years about this.  Thanks for taking my guilt away!  B


What an achievement!  I love the tone, it is so informative but friendly, and reassuring at the same time, so very you!  V


I had high hopes and I am not disappointed.  Especially enjoying the build-up of coloured pencil drawings.  In particular the bunch of grapes illustrates the technique very well.  Through your book I have been encouraged to try again.  D


Your book is really beautiful.  J


I just love the conversational tone of your writing - superb.  D


Just wanted to say how wonderful your book is..... Well worth the wait!  L


What a lot to practice!  Looks marvellous.  B


It is a feast for the eyes.... Logically set out for the beginner or experienced artist.  In my opinion a must for the ‘would be’ botanical artists book case.  D


It has inspired me to fetch my pencils out.  G


It arrived today so I only looked at your drawings.  They are exquisite, and so many!  Especially all the step-by-step drawings are stunning.  I love the step-by-step one of the peony leaf on page 41.  And the poppy on page 44! Or page 32! And ........!  I stop writing now and go back to the book. Or rather: it makes me want to start drawing immediately.  E


It is so beautiful and instructive!  Lovely drawings and lots of tips.  B


This is what I have been waiting for, it is great.  I am a beginner and have purchased many books, but this is the one that will be my guide.  D