Coloured Pencil Foundations DVD


Join me for this two hour Plants in Pencil DVD where I will show you all the techniques I use and the equipment I work with to create detailed botanical studies of plants using coloured pencils.  Also covered are other important aspects including lighting, understanding shadows, paper, composition, the colour wheel, outline drawing and the importance of understanding basic geometric shapes. Finally I will demonstrate how I put everything together by completing a simple leaf from the first pencil stroke through to finish.


Coloured Pencil Foundations was filmed entirely by myself on my narrowboat studio ‘Driftwood’ using the camera on my iPhone.  To help you feel as though you are on the boat with me I have included all the sounds that I hear each day as I work in my studio such as the engine noise of passing boats, the voices of songbirds, ducks and swans, seagulls and the occasional aircraft flying overhead.  You will see the light changing within the boat cabin as the clouds move across the sky and the sunlight reflects through the window from the neighbouring boat as both it and ‘Driftwood’ sway gently on the water.  


Coloured Pencil Foundations video is a useful companion to my book ‘Botanical Drawing using Graphite and Coloured Pencils’ published by Crowood Press in 2016.  

Botanical Drawing - Coloured Pencil Foundations - DVD