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Sue Vize SBA


Bespoke Designs

My drawings have been featured in a number of magazines, books, and articles, and have been used for business logos, wedding stationary, by greetings card manufacturers and even for kitchen tiles.  If you have a need for a bespoke design and wish for something botanical, whether it's for a business project or something more personal, then email me via my contacts page and we can discuss your ideas and come up with the perfect image.


Commissions for the Wall

Have you ever considered commissioning an original botanical painting or drawing?  It could be a birthday gift, a rose for Valentine's Day, a wedding present, for Christmas, or pure indulgence for your own wall.  The subject may be a favourite flower, something sentimental and personal to you or the recipient, or flowers from your own garden or wedding bouquet.

Commissions can be to any finished measurement but the flower or plant subject would be life size.  Your choice of medium would be coloured pencil or graphite, or a combination of both and since I paint and draw from live plant material it is worth bearing the season in mind when thinking of your commission subject.     



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